De negoce wines? (2024)

What is Negoce wine?

Simply put, a négoce (otherwise known as a négociant or micro-négoce, if smaller) is a wine merchant who purchases grapes, juice, or finished wines and vinifies/bottles them under their own name.

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Who is the founder of De Negoce?

A pioneer of the négociant wine trade, de Négoce Founder Cameron Hughes has 20+ years of experience sourcing and selling thousands of ultra-premium wines direct-to-consumer.

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How do I contact De Negoce?

Please email for customer service inquiries.

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Where is Cameron Hughes Winery?

The firm is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Cameron Hughes is the company's co-founder and former CEO.

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What wine does Dave Matthews own?

Blenheim farm was purchased in 1999 by musician Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band.

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What wine company does Cameron Diaz own?

We sat down with our incredible founders, Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, to chat about clean, delicious wine and what makes Avaline, well, Avaline— from organic grapes to our commitment to transparency.

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Who owns Cameron Winery?

Cameron winery is dedicated to producing high-quality, hand-crafted and sustainably-farmed libations for the people. A small family operation, we produce 3,000 to 4,000 cases annually. John Paul, the irrepressible owner and winemaker emeritus, founded the winery in 1984.

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How do I contact Rombauer?

Contact us immediately at 866.280. 2582 or

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What happened to Cameron Hughes?

Cameron Hughes, co-founder of American négociant wine business Cameron Hughes wines, sold his business to Vintage Wine Estates in 2017. Since that time, he has started two new direct to consumer ventures, Holy Grail Steak Company and de Négoce Wine.

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How much does Cameron Hughes make?

Seattle Kraken

Cameron Hughes' salary is $775,000 and his cap hit is $762,500 for the 2023-24 season. He is a 26 year old centre who was born on Oct. 9, 1996.

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Who bought Cameron Hughes?

Vintage Wine Estates purchased the company founded by Cameron Hughes as part of a bankruptcy court settlement this week. The Santa Rosa, Calif., firm emerged as the winner in a blind auction, agreeing to pay $5.5 million in a deal expected to be finalized within weeks.

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Does Guy Fieri have his own wine?

Noted Food Network personality and restauranteur, Guy Fieri (“FEE-eddy”), who lives in Santa Rosa, California, has a wine label, Hunt & Ryde, named for his two sons, Hunter and Ryder.

De negoce wines? (2024)

What wine does Mary J Blige own?

Sun Goddess wines are produced with love and passion from sun-kissed vineyards owned by the Fantinel family in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Here, the peculiar microclimate and the precious terroir guarantee the highest quality and ultimate expression.

Does Jon Bon Jovi have his own wine?

The singer and his son Jesse Bongiovi have collaborated with French winemaker Gérard Bertrand to produce Hampton Water Rosé, a light and easy-drinking wine that is finally available on Aussie shores.

What wine does Brad Pitt own?

Miraval Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Wines.

Does Drew Barrymore own a winery?

Drew Barrymore: Barrymore Wines

She partnered with Carmel Road Winery in 2010 to blend wines from grapes grown in Monterey, California, on land situated along the Blue Grand Canyon waters in the Pacific.

What is the name of Julianne Hough's wine company?


We believe that wine is a catalyst for bringing people together, especially our high-quality premium wine varietals at Fresh Vine Wine.

What winery is owned by black owned?

Brown Estate is the first Black-owned winery in Napa Valley, and is known far and wide for its drool inducing Zinfandel. Owned by 3 siblings, the Brown family got their start in the 1980s when their parents bought a deserted ranch in Napa and planted a few vines.

What NFL player owns a winery?

Paso Robles winery founded by former NFL player closes after 20 years: 'Life's too short' A Paso Robles winery founded by a former professional football player and his wife has closed after 20 years in business. Terry Hoage and his wife, Jennifer, announced Jan.

Who owns Bluebell vineyard?

Bluebell Vineyard was established by the Tay family in 2005 and they manage and run the Estate today.

What is a negociant?

noun. a wine merchant or wholesaler; specifically, one who buys grapes, grape juice, or partially fermented or finished wine from others and sells the wine produced under his or her own name. Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers.

What is a négociant in Burgundy?

Traditionally, négociants were merchants who didn't own or farm vineyards. They bought wines from small farmers and then blended, matured and sold them under their own names. Until the 1970s, this was the principal business model of Burgundy, and it often represented the only route to market for peasant growers.

What does currant wine mean?

Austrian name (in Germany Johannisbeerenwein, formerly also Korrianenwein) for a fruit wine made from currant (Johannisbeeren, Cassis). Due to the rather tart cassis taste of blackcurrants, mostly white or red berries are used.

Is Krug a négociant?

The French regulations designate Krug as a Negociant Manipulant (a producer who buys grapes from growers).

What is a vineyard keeper called?

A vigneron is someone who cultivates a vineyard for winemaking. The word connotes or emphasizes the critical role that vineyard placement and maintenance has in the production of high-quality wine.

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