Is tower of fantasy pay to win? (2024)

Is tower of fantasy pay to win?

While Tower of Fantasy may not be completely pay to win, it certainly has a lot of features that can increase your chances of getting powerful characters and even save you a lot of time.

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Do choices matter in Tower of Fantasy?

In Tower of Fantasy, players do not have much of a choice in reversing the decisions that they made at the start of the game. Contrary to traditional MMORPGs, Tower of Fantasy doesn't have a class function where players have to choose a class at the start of the game.

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Is there a guarantee in Tower of Fantasy?

At 10 rolls, you're guaranteed an SR and at 80 rolls, you're guaranteed an SSR. The good thing about the pity system of Tower of Fantasy is that it doesn't reset even if you get a weapon of the same rarity.

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Is Tower of Fantasy pay to win PVP?

pvp is not p2win in 1v1 cuz your weapons get to c6 for it. its more skill based. Its an mmorpg with Gacha and timegating so its basically an mmo version of Genshin, you have no freedom to play the game how much you want, and you are kinda forced to do the gacha.

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Is Tower of Fantasy generous?

Tower of Fantasy is a very generous game when it comes to giving you Gold Nucleus, which is essentially the “standard” banner currency.

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Who is the strongest character in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower Of Fantasy: 10 Strongest Characters Based On Lore
  • 8 Cobalt-B.
  • 7 Cocoritter.
  • 6 Crow.
  • 5 Shiro.
  • 4 Meryl.
  • 3 Huma.
  • 2 King.
  • 1 Samir.
Apr 25, 2023

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Is male or female better in Tower of Fantasy?

No Difference In Performance. You can pick which gender you like since there is no difference in performance. If you are very particular, both genders are the same in terms of mobility & combat movement so there is nothing to worry about.

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What are the odds of getting a matrix in Tower of Fantasy?

Choice Matrices

Random SSR Matrix - base probability is 1.7%, guaranteed drop every 40 orders. Random SR Matrix - base probability is 7.5%, guaranteed SR or higher drop every 10 orders. Random R Matrix - base probability is 90.80%.


What is the pity rate in the Tower of Fantasy?

As for the Pity System, the Tower of Fantasy guarantees an SR or SSR on every ten orders. At the same time, you're also guaranteed an SSR after every 80 orders! Even if you bag an SSR weapon before 80 pulls, the Pity System cycle keeps running (details in the last section).

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What are the odds of getting SSR in Tower of Fantasy?

You are guaranteed to obtain an SSR weapon at least once in every 80 Special Orders. The base probability of obtaining an SR weapon is 1%, with the overall probability (including guarantee) of 12%. You are guaranteed to obtain a weapon of SR quality or higher at least once in every 10 Special Orders.

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Is Tower of Fantasy f2p or p2w?

The game is f2p, but every so called "free to play" is not intended to be played 100% a such.

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Is Tower of Fantasy rushed?

The story of Tower of Fantasy is rushed and haphazard.

Is tower of fantasy pay to win? (2024)

Is Tower of Fantasy more pay to win than Genshin?

ToF is more f2p friendly compared to Genshin but both are still pretty bad. if the devs give ''compensation'' for something they give like half a summon worth.

Is ToF a copy of Genshin?

There's more to it beneath the surface, but the similarities are clear to see. Genshin Impact is not an original game.

Why is Genshin Impact better than Tower of Fantasy?

While Genshin Impact is an action RPG, Tower of Fantasy is marketed as an MMORPG. The genre difference is what makes Tower of Fantasy stand out from its competitor Genshin Impact, as the two games might have otherwise been too similar without some tweaks in the feature set. How is the genre shift shown in the game?

How much does a 10 pull cost Tower of Fantasy?

Adventure Pack

If you use paid curency, it usually costs about USD. 99 for 10 pulls. You should buy this pack before charging the paid currency.

Who is the most broken character in Tower of Fantasy?

King is the highest-rated shatter character in Tower of Fantasy, with upgrades offering huge boosts to your damage against shields.

Who is the strongest healer in Tower of Fantasy?

Cocoritter also has exceptional healing skills, even giving her the nickname of the best healer in Tower of Fantasy. This feat makes her worthy to be a part of the Tower of Fantasy Best Team. Her skill sanctuary allows her to heal herself and her allies in a small field which can be used even when moving.

Who is the best healer in Tower of Fantasy?

Cocoritter. Coco is the most powerful healer, and her healing is considered to be the highest among all. She is listed in A-tier. A staff is her weapon and is named as absolute zero, and as far as the element is concerned, it is ice with support resonance.

What is the best class in Tower Fantasy?

King. King is a “Warrior Class” melee Simulacra who likes to get up close and personal with the enemies. He is currently considered to be among the absolute best characters in Tower of Fantasy. Moreover, King uses the element of “Fire” using his Scythe Of The Crow to burn his enemies.

Can you romance characters in Tower of Fantasy?

The answer is simple and straightforward: no, unless the studio states otherwise or it is a possibility that will be implemented in the future, as there is no indication of this.

Is Crow a girl in Tower of Fantasy?

Crow is a pale skinned boy with white spiky hair, wearing custom-made navy blue clothing and a small vest with many stickers attached on it. His waist is strapped with his blade weapons and many of his mechanical tools.

How long does it take to get to max level in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy's overall Wanderer Level cap is 70. It's impossible to reach that level, however, for at least 88 days. This isn't due to the breadth of content, although Tower of Fantasy does offer plenty to explore. It's because of a hard-coded limit: the daily max level cap.

What is the rate of getting Unicorn Head in Tower of Fantasy?

Unicorn Head Location

Both have a less than 1% chance of dropping the item, so expect to farm them for a while.

What is the most useful SSR relic in Tower of Fantasy?

The best Relic in Tower Of Fantasy is the Colossus Arm.

It's a powerful burst of extended DPS whenever you use it, and the ability to shrug off attacks that would otherwise hitstun you makes this SSR Relic an amazing tool in any player's toolkit.

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